Unlocking Success: 8 Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents— With Examples!

October 6, 2023

In an attention-deficit world,

real estate professionals thrive with the captivating power of video.

Whether you're a seasoned pro aiming to enhance your video marketing strategy or taking your first dive into video creation, here are 8 creative content ideas to elevate your real estate endeavors through video.

1. Realty Q&A: Fueling Your Creativity with Audience Insights

Coming up with fresh and meaningful content ideas can be a challenge, but the solution lies right at your fingertips – your audience. The most valuable wellspring of inspiration is often found among your viewers. Simply addressing their pain points, responding to common questions, or even indulging in fun requests can be a rewarding way to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Dive into your comment section, meticulously review customer feedback, and extend an invitation for your audience to ask questions directly – then, be sure to provide them with thoughtful answers.

Example: Establishing a regular schedule of live sessions where your viewers know they can ask questions and receive prompt answers is an excellent way to kickstart a content-generating feedback loop.

2. Behind-the-Scenes: Unveiling Your Process

For those outside the realm of real estate, the sheer dedication required may come as a revelation. This video provides a captivating glimpse into your daily routine, from the intricacies of property research and negotiations to the creative artistry of staging and the strategic finesse of marketing. It goes beyond business; it's about sharing the real you, from your work ethic to even what you had for lunch! By offering this intimate look into your everyday grind, you build a bridge of relatability and trust with your audience.

Example: You don't need a Hollywood crew to capture these moments. A smartphone and a dash of creativity are all you need. Record your day-to-day activities and seamlessly compile them using platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Canva. To elevate the viewer experience, infuse your video with logo animations, motion graphics, or other polished branded content for an unforgettable customer journey.

3. "Just Sold" — Delighted Home Buyers and Sellers 

Showcasing your recently sold properties not only inspires homeowners with similar properties to list with you but also instills trust in your ability to swiftly and effectively sell their homes. Moreover, prospective homebuyers gain instant insight into the types of properties within your portfolio, reinforcing your track record of matching families with their dream homes.

Example: Simplicity is key! Repurpose your listing video or photos by adding a classic "sold" sticker using tools like Canva, TikTok, or Instagram. Pair this straightforward content with a thoughtfully crafted property description, creating another valuable connection with your audience.

4. Neighborhood Highlights: Showcase the Community

While the home may pique interest, the surrounding neighborhood and community seal the deal. Get closer to closing deals with a community spotlight video! Highlight neighborhood amenities, local events, nearby businesses, school district info, HOA/subdivision rules, and essential location details. 

Example: A straightforward neighborhood video might involve a realty professional addressing the viewer directly, and discussing community highlights. Enhance this by incorporating on-screen text and footage of both the property and its surroundings for an enriched experience for potential buyers.

5. Client Testimonials: Cultivating Trust Through Stories

Client testimonial videos are a universally effective approach, akin to your most satisfied customer personally recommending you to potential home buyers. These skillfully crafted testimonials serve as evergreen advertisements for your realty expertise, working tirelessly on your behalf 24/7.

Example: If you're not yet prepared for a high-quality video testimonial, consider a straightforward alternative by transforming written testimonials into engaging animated pieces of branded content using tools like Canva, making it easier than ever to showcase your reviews.

6. Market Updates: Informing Your Clients

Allow me to break the digital fourth wall for a moment. I'm Kaylie, the author of this article, and I wear multiple hats, including being a Co-Founder of a visual media studio, a video producer, and an Assistant Director (I even dabbled as a leasing agent for a brief two months). My aim here is to offer strategic content recommendations for real estate agents, and if I were in your shoes, I'd be wholeheartedly embracing the creation of well-crafted, bite-sized video content that delves into the intricacies of the real estate industry. The process of buying and selling homes can feel overwhelming for many, and delivering pertinent empirical information right where your audience is can establish you as a thought leader within your industry and cultivate a loyal following.

Example: Launch your marketing updates series by sharing a few essential metrics such as average home prices and interest rates in simple terms, and make it a monthly tradition. As your audience grows, solicit their input on which metrics matter most to them, and adapt your marketing updates content accordingly. And, as always, infuse your professional branded content and motion graphics to create a polished yet approachable viewing experience. 

7. The First Impression: Realtor Introduction Video

After engaging, educating, and delighting your audience, it's time to make a lasting impression that seals the deal. Your 'About Me' or 'Realtor Introduction' video serves as the cornerstone of your brand and should be prominently featured on your social media, website, and email campaigns. It's your chance to convey professionalism and showcase your personality, ensuring that the right clients are drawn in while deterring non-fits right from the start.

Example: When the moment is right, investing in professional video production becomes crucial. You're inspiring potential clients to invest in you, and to do so, you must demonstrate that you've made the same commitment. 

8. Property Tours: The Virtual Walkthrough

When it comes to showcasing properties, nothing beats the immersive experience of a virtual property tour. Using high-quality videography and steady camera work, you can take potential buyers on a guided tour through homes and commercial spaces. 

Example: Imagine gracefully entering a luxurious mansion through its grand entrance, meticulously capturing the intricate details of each room, and showcasing the breathtaking views from the windows. This type of video immerses viewers in the property, making it effortless for them to envision themselves living or working there. To create an even more personalized experience, consider complementing this footage with a tailored voice-over, allowing you to personally highlight how the property aligns with your audience's specific wants and needs. 

Video is a universal language that reaches people where they are, offering not only valuable information but also a delightful and visually stunning experience. Whether you're hosting engaging Q&A sessions or guiding viewers through immersive property tours, embracing the power of video will not only captivate your audience but also solidify your position as a trusted industry leader. So, don't hesitate—seize the opportunity, invest in professional visual media, enhance your content creation skills (phone footage + Canva encouraged), and let video propel your real estate endeavors to unprecedented heights. Lights, camera, action—the path to success and your audience's unwavering trust awaits!